Wawa aerial

Wawa is located in the magnificent northern landscape dominated by the grand vistas of hills, forests the creatures of eastern Lake Superior, and pristine waters of Wawa Lake.

Every aspect of the region has provided residents with an abundance of dynamic elements and natural resources to share and utilize. For millennia, the land has provided the essentials of life and plenty, and for that we are grateful.

Today, residents and visitors appreciate the History and Heritage of our beginnings.

Old map of great lakes
Indigenous Peoples

Archaeologists tell us that the ancient Superior shoreline was home to nomadic families who ventured into the landscape after it was freshly released from the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

Men with beaver furs
Fur Traders

Fur trading dates back nearly 300 years in the Wawa, with the Michipicoten River becoming a prominent trading post. 

Men cutting trees
Mining and Logging

Wawa's economy is based on our abundance of natural resources. Fur, fish, iron, gold, water and trees.

Old steamship on lake
Michipicoten Maritime History

Located on the shores of Lake Superior, Wawa's history on the lake played an important role in trading.

Picture of old goose
Trans-Canada Highway and the Wawa Goose

Famous for the giant goose that stands overlooking highway 17, the last link of Lake Superior section of the Highway to be completed.

Painting of Lake Superior
Group of Seven

Artists of all genres enjoy the picturesque views that Wawa has to offer. Glen Gould and the Group of Seven were amongst the famous.