Commissioner of Oath stampThe Municipality of Wawa have staff who can sign documents that need the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths. It is recommended that you call ahead to make an appointment at 705-856-2244.

A commissioner of oaths is someone that administers an oath, usually for swearing or affirming the truth of a written statement such as an affidavit or statutory declaration.

Services ProvidedFee

Commissioner of Oath signature

$16.95 (resident)

$25 (non-resident)

Document Certification

$6.99 (resident)

$25 (non-resident)

Pension documents




Affidavits are documents containing statements that are verifies by the oath or by affirmation by the person making those statements – called or otherwise known as the deponent, affirmant or declarant.


To make affirmation; to make a solemn declaration or asseveration that an affidavit is true, that the witness will tell the truth. This is being substituted for an oath in certain belief.


The definition of oath refers to conscience based on religious belief, specifically Christian or Bible-based religious belief.


To put on oath; to administer an oath to a person. To take an oath; to become bound by an oath duly administered.

Swear verses affirm

The definition of oath refers to conscience based on religious belief, more specifically the Christian belief. When people cannot by conscience or differing, religious beliefs swear an oath to “God” or “the Supreme Being”, they are asked to affirm based on what the person considers to be binding upon them.

For a commissioner to sign your document, please keep the following in mind:

  • the person making the oath (declarant) must be present
  • the declarant must have valid government issued photo identification
  • the document must not be signed by the declarant until they are in front of the Commissioner
  • document requirements

You are required to present one original piece of original government-issued photo identification (no copies permitted) i.e. a valid driver's licence.

Notary Public

The Municipality of Wawa Commissioner of Oaths are not Notary Public. You will have to contact a professional lawyer, notary public entitled to practice law in Ontario, or a justice of the peace to sign those documents.