Capital and Operating Budget

Our annual capital and operating budgets are associated with the services our municipality provides to the community and is an estimate of revenues and expenditures that we expect to see for the fiscal year. The process is a lengthy one and starts with the capital budget being approved first and then the operating budget. The goal is to provide quality service to meet the needs of the residents and business in Wawa while maintaining property taxes at a reasonable and affordable level.

Capital Budget

Operating Budget

Financial Statements

The Municipality of Wawa provides our Audited Financial Statements from previous years for your convenience and review.

For financial statements prior to 2019, please email us or call 705-856-2244 Ext. 226.

Historical Financial Information

Section 294(1) of the Municipal Act requires that each municipality annually reports on its financial affairs, accounts and transactions in the form of the Financial Information Return (FIR).  This information is publicly available on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ website.

Schedule of User Fees

Asset Management Plan

Municipal infrastructure provides the foundation for the economic, social and environmental health and growth of a community through the delivery of critical services. The goal of asset management is to deliver an adequate level of service in the most cost-effective manner. This involves the development and implementation of asset management strategies and long-term financial planning.

FT-016 Asset Management Policy

This Asset Management Plan outlines the current state of asset management planning in the Municipality of Wawa.