Housing is one of the most fundamental human needs. It is a critical part of the local economy and is a key determinant of health. It creates a sense of home providing stability, prosperity and positive cultural and community development.

Residents should have the opportunity to find housing that meets standards of adequacy, suitability, and affordability that is best suited for their circumstances.

Social housing in the community of Wawa includes:

  • Mountain View
  • New Seniors Housing Complex
  • Hillcrest Heights
  • Makawa Native Non-Profit Housing
Photo Gallery: Senior Living will appear here on the public site.

Providing effective and efficient services to our communities in the Algoma, Ontario area.

Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) was created by the Province through the District Social Services Administrations Boards Act to deliver specified programs in the ADSAB jurisdiction:

For more information on housing, contact our office at 705-856-2244 Ext. 221.

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Algoma Housing Subsidy (AHS)

The AHS is a portable subsidy program designed to help with high private market rent costs in Algoma. If you are struggling to pay rent in Algoma, have low-moderate income and file an annual income tax, we may be able to help you.

Complete and submit a “Housing Services Application” in order to be considered for this program.
Available at your local ADSAB office or www.adsab.on.ca 

Contact Information
Elliot Lake ADSAB
2 Elizabeth Walk
Elliot Lake
Blind River ADSAB
15 Hanes Avenue
Blind River
Thessalon ADSAB
135 Dawson St.
50 Broadway

Eligible applicants are placed on a waitlist according to date of application. As funds become available, new households are selected from the waitlist.

If you have any questions concerning this program, call Housing Services Waitlist at 1-705-848-7153 or 1-888-326-3133.

A new affordable alternative to Rent Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing:

The Algoma Housing Subsidy (AHS) is a new program offered by Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) Housing Services that will provide a monthly benefit to eligible participants. This benefit will help make Algoma rental units more affordable. The AHS is an alternative to RGI and will continue as long as participants meet eligibility requirements. The AHS is portable and can be applied to rental leases anywhere within Algoma.

If you are renting in Algoma, have low to moderate income and have filed your most recent Canada Revenue Agency tax return, you may be eligible for the AHS. You will be given a maximum of 60 days to find a rental unit within the Algoma District and sign a lease once you are offered AHS. If you are currently living in a rental unit in the Algoma District and have signed a lease, your current unit may meet program requirements.

Household Selection:
Participants are selected in the same way they are for traditional RGI units. A chronological waitlist is maintained by ADSAB for the AHS. When AHS funds become available, a new household will be selected from the AHS waitlist.

If you are offered a benefit and cannot find a rental within 60 days or do not accept the benefit, this will count a “refusal of offer”. That means your application will go to the bottom of the AHS waitlist and you will have to wait for the next offer.

The subsidy benefit is paid directly to the landlord. Landlord verification and information must first be provided.

Amount of Benefit:
The portable benefit amount is calculated differently than the standard RGI calculation. The benefit amount is the difference between the Average Market Rent (AMR) for the Algoma district and 30% of your monthly income as calculated using line 23600 of your most recent Notice of Assessment.
Example: A single individual with an annual income of $18,000 would receive a monthly benefit of $406.00
(AMR of $856) less (30% of $18,000 / 12)
If you are in receipt of Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, the benefit amount will be the lessor between the above calculation or the difference between your actual shelter cost and the maximum OW/ODSP shelter allowance.

If you move within the Algoma District, your subsidy goes with you as long as you remain eligible for the program.

Reporting Changes:
You have 30 days to advise ADSAB Housing Services of any change to your household including household composition, changes to your social assistance benefits, address and contact information.
Income Tax Filing:
All household members with income must file an income tax return to receive a Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency. Failure to file income tax returns annually will result in the household no longer being eligible for the AHS.

For more information on Housing Programs contact:
Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) Housing Services Elliot Lake ON, P5A 1Z3
Phone: 705-848-7153
Toll Free: 1-888-326-3133
Fax: 1-705-843-0482