Starting a business

You will need a business licence to operate a business in the Municipality of Wawa. This includes for stationary businesses, mobile businesses and home-based businesses.

Please review the Municipality of Wawa business licence by-law for full details.

Apply for a business licence

Applications for all licences issued must be made to the CAO/Clerk and must be accompanied with a detailed description of the proposed business including a brief overview of products, services and/or menu to be provided.

Please complete the business licence application and submit it to the Municipality of Wawa at 40 Broadway Avenue, PO Box 500, Wawa, ON P0S 1K0.

Fees – taxes not included

The following licensing fees apply:

All trades and businesses - first time application – annual - $125.00

Refreshment stands and vehicles – annual - $165.00

Vending cart, wagon, vehicle basket - annual - $165.00

Temporary vendor license - 1-3 day - $30

Temporary vendor license week - $55

Temporary vendor license monthly - $105

Temporary vendor license annual - $825

Wawa Goose Nest Market - Weekend -Non-Residents - $30


If you live in Wawa, renewals for all trades and businesses are done on an annual basis for a fee of $65.

Taxi licences

You need a licence in order to operate a taxi company, own a taxi vehicle or drive a taxicab in the Municipality of Wawa.

Fees- taxes not included

Taxi Cabs - 1st Car - $65

Taxi Cabs - 2nd Car and every car thereafter - $32.00

Taxi Cab Drivers Person - $13.00

Taxi Cab Drivers - License transfer person - $10

Sign permits

You will need a sign permit to put up a sign for your business. Sign permit application is to govern and regulate signs and other advertising devices within the Municipality of Wawa.

Sign permit applications must be submitted with payment to the Town Hall.

Short Term Rental Accommodations

Owner Occupied Short-Term Accommodation - License 1st Year - $250.00
Owner Occupied Short-term Accom. License Yearly Renewal - $125.00 
Unoccupied Short-term Accom. License 1st Year - $350.00
Unoccupied Short-term Accom. License Yearly Renewal - $175.00
Owner Occupied Bed and Breakfast License 1st Year - $250.00
Owner Occupied Bed and Breakfast License Yearly Renewal - $125.00

Short-Term Rental Accommodation By-Law