GavelThe Municipality of Wawa maintains a registry of by-laws that are created as a way to address issues and concerns of the community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, safety and to maintain a pleasant community for everyone.

The by-law documents provided here are for convenience or reference only and may not contain amendments or attachments.

To obtain an official version of a by-law or a copy of a by-law that is not listed here, please contact the Clerk's Office by email or call 705-856-2244 Ext. 223.

By-Law Enforcement

The by-law enforcement officer is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of our municipal by-laws.

If you have questions or concerns related to by-laws or other enforcement issues, please contact the by-law enforcement officer by email or call 705-856-2244 Ext. 228.

Below you will find commonly asked By-Laws and Policies. If you do not see one you are looking for, please reach out to Sue Lord by email or call 705-856-2244 ext. 221.

 Property Standard Complaints

You can make a property standards complaint if you see a property in violation of the Property Standards By-law.

Submit a Property Standards Complaint

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. located at 40 Broadway Avenue.

Frequently Requested By-Laws and Policies

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If you can't find a specific by-law, please contact our office at 705-856-2244 or

The following list contains some of the Municipality's frequently requested by-laws.


By-Law 2512-11 - to License, Regulate and Control of Dogs
By-Law 891-93 - Prohibit and Regulate the Keeping of Animals

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BL 3707-24 - Adopt 2024 Schedule of Fees
BL 3704-24 - Short Term Rental Accommodation
BL 3685-24 - Adopt a Downtown Community Improvement Plan for the Municipality of Wawa
BL 3201-19 - Temporary Vendors Including Transient Traders and Hawkers and Peddlers 
BL 1042-96 - License, Regulate and Govern all Trades and Business License

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Human Resources

Policy No. HR-001: Use of Municipal Information Technology
Policy No. HR-002 : Workplace Harassement and Discrimination Prevention
Policy No. HR-005: Council Per Diems
Policy No. HR-007: Council Remuneration
Policy No. HR-009: Code of Conduct for Employees
Policy No. HR-017: Code of Conduct for Council and Board/Committee Appointees
Policy No. HR-018: Integrity Commissioner Protocol
Policy No. HR-030: Municipal Public Complaint Policy


Policy No. AD-002: Sale and Other Disposition of Land
Policy No. AD-003: Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

Records Management

Finance and Treasury

Policy No. FT-001: Procurement Policy
Policy No. FT-002: Tendering Procedures
Policy No. FT-016: Asset Management
Policy No. FT-017: Property Tax Collection

Media and Public Relations

Policy No. PR-003: Freedom of Information
Policy No. PR-004: Giving of Public Notice
Policy No. PR-006: Corporate Accessibility
Policy No. PR-007: AODA Multi Year Accessibility

General Governance

Policy No. GG-003: Proceedings of Council and Committees
Policy No. GG-006: Accountability and Transparency
Policy No. GG-009: Council Attendance at Events Conferences

Protection and Enforcement

Policy No. PE-005: Property Standards
Policy No. PE-008: Building By-Law 
Policy No. PE-007: Open Air Burning
Policy No. PE-009: Govern and Regulate Fences
Policy No. PE-012: Docking, Mooring, Launching and Boating on Wawa Lake Beachfront Properties

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BL 3693-24: Amend Official Plan for Short Term Rental or Accommodations
BL 3694-24: Zoning By-Law Amendment for Short-Term Rental Accommodations
BL 2821-15: Adopt a Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
BL 2674-13: Supervise the Planting and Trimming of Trees

Official Plan
   Section 1 pages 1-59
   Section 2 pages 60-120

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BL 2891-15: Regulate, Govern, and Restrict the Operation of All-Terrain Vehicles
BL 2546-12: Regulate, Govern, and Restrict the Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles
BL 2513-11: Governing and Regulating of Vehicular Traffic
BL 1106-97: Prohibit the Obstruction of all Highways within the Municipality by Dumping of Snow
BL 1059-96: Prohibit the Throwing, Placing or Depositing Refuse or Debris (including snow and ice) on Private and/or Municipal Property
BL 937-94: Regulate the Discharge of Firearms

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