Emergency Preparedness Week - Activity 2 Description

  • Print a copy of Is it an Emergency? Spinner Game.
  • Take a paper clip and straighten one end.
  • Position looped end of paper clip in centre of spinner and hold there with the tip of a pencil. Flick the straight end of the paper clip to spin.
  • Divide into two teams. Flip a coin to establish which team will have the first spin.
  • At each turn, one team member must spin the paper clip. When it lands on a picture, the team member must identify the situation as being an emergency or a non-emergency and then must explain their answer.
  • Example: The spinner lands on a picture of a fire. It is an emergency because it is likely to cause damage to property and put people in danger.
  • If a player lands on the same section twice, they should spin again until they land on a different section.
  • Score 1 point for identifying the situation correctly and 1 point for a correct explanation. First team to 10 wins!

Click Here for the Spinning Wheel