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The Municipality of Wawa offers a number of different ways to pay your property taxes; in person at town hall, at your local bank, or online.

We also accept different methods of payment such as:

  • Cash
  • Cheque/Post dated cheque (payable to the Municipality of Wawa)
  • Money Order
  • Debit
  • Credit Card (through our online Paymentus site).
In Person
In Person

Visit the municipal office during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

Pay with: Cash, Cheque/Post-dated cheque (payable to the Municipality of Wawa), money order or debit.

No credit card payments will be accepted.

person paying bank
At the bank

Bring your property tax bill directly to your bank to have it paid. You will need your property tax bill to refer to your property tax roll number. Please make your payment at least two business days before the due date.

Online Banking
Online Banking

Set us up as a payee by searching “Wawa” and selecting the Wawa Municipality –Taxes.

Your account number is the full 19-digit roll number found on your tax bill. Do not use spaces or punctuation ex. 5776000001234560000.

Credit Card

To pay your property tax bill using a credit card, please use our Paymentus site. Service fees will be applied for use of this site.

Paymentus site

Pre-Authorized payment plan

You can fill out our pre-authorized payment plan enrollment application that offers three available plan options:

  • Installment Plan: Payments that pay installments each year coinciding with the billing dates on your bills. The interim installment due dates are around the end of February and April. The final installment due dates are around the end of June and August.
  • 10-Monthly Plan: A 10-month plan where payments for January to October will pay for the billing year, and are withdrawn from your bank account on 15th of every month.
  • 12-Monthly Plan: A 12-month plan where payments for January to December will pay for the billing year, and are withdrawn from your bank account on 15th of every month.

For both monthly plans, January to June withdrawals are based on approximately 50% of your property taxes from the previous year. The final property tax rate is established around the beginning of June.

The amount you paid from January to June will be deducted from your final property tax amount. The amount remaining from that total will be divided between the remaining months of your plan.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $45 NSF charge for any rejected payments. After two (2) infractions, the PAP option is removed and will no longer be a payment option for the ratepayer.

Mortgage Company

If your taxes are being paid through your mortgage company, we will provide your mortgage company a copy of your interim and final tax bills to submit payments on your behalf.

You will receive the final tax bill for income tax purposes with the mortgage company's name listed beside your roll number at the top right of the bill.

Is your account in arrears?

The finance department can help you establish a monthly payment schedule to bring your account current.

If you are making partial payment on your account, the attempt to satisfy your outstanding debt with the Municipality may not be sufficient to clear the balance. In addition, interest and penalty charges are applied at a rate of 1.25% per month.

Any persons or financial institutions having an interest in your property may be notified of the non-payment of the account.

To make arrangements for the payment of all arrears owing, contact the Finance department at 705-856-2244 Ext 226.