Fire Department Team

The Wawa Volunteer Fire Department consist of 22 members and a Fire Chief which services the community of Wawa and surrounding areas with a population of 3,600. We operate out of our local fire station with our fleet of emergency vehicles.

The department also responds to fires and motor vehicle accidents along Highway 17 corridor including:

  • 100 km south to Montreal River harbour
  • 40 km north to highway 519,
  • 60 km east on highway 101 to highway 651.

We are also members of the Algoma District Mutual Aid Association (ADMA), aiding the communities of Dubreuilville, White River and Hornepayne with extra resources in times of emergencies.

Our volunteers are very active in our community helping with Christmas Hamper Fund, Toy Drives, volunteering with non-profits organizations and providing fire safety and public education.

You can print and complete the burning permit and drop it off at Town Hall, Monday to Friday with the appropriate fees. A site visit is required for all permit applications.

Every Second Counts

green light posterIn Ontario, volunteer firefighters can place a green flashing light in their vehicles to signal they are responding to call. Although the law does not require motorists to pull over for the flashing green light, the courtesy of pulling over can help in responding to an emergency when Every Second Counts.




 BBQ Safety Tips

Message from the Chief

Picture of Fire ChiefThe Wawa Volunteer Fire Department is a team of dedicated volunteers delivering a vast array of emergency services to the residents, businesses and visitors to Wawa.

Our 22 volunteers are well trained and dedicated to serving you. They are your neighbours, friends and families. They are teachers, electricians, business workers, miners, truck drivers and homemakers. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and they are all professionals.

In the event of an emergency, I take pride in the capabilities of our highly skilled force. Their commitment to training and employment of our specialized equipment allows them to respond to almost any situation they are presented with. The strength of our service truly comes from the people that make up its parts.

The primary mission of the Wawa Volunteer Fire Department is to provide fire protection services and education programs to protect the lives and property of the residents in the Municipality of Wawa from the adverse effects of fires or exposures to dangerous situations/conditions created by man or nature.

Our core services include providing and supporting the three lines of defense regarding:

Every year in Ontario, people die in fires that could have been prevented. These fires occur in homes and communities just like ours. Tragically, in many of these fatal fires, there is no smoke alarm warning to alert the occupants and give them the precious seconds they need to safely escape. I urge all residents of the Municipality of Wawa to make sure they have working smoke alarms on every storey of their home and outside all sleeping areas. This is the law in Ontario.

The same rules apply for the requirement to have Carbon Monoxide alarms.

The valued partnerships that we have established over the years with the Central Ambulance Communication Centre, Wawa Emergency Medical Service and the Ontario Provincial Police combined with the commitment and dedication to excellence in training, ensure that our response to assist the residents of Wawa exceeds expectations.

Our team takes great pride in what we do to serve our community, and want you to know that when you need us, we will be there to assist.

Have a fire safe day.
Kevin Sabourin
Fire Chief