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Zoning By-Law.

A zoning by-law is used by the municipality to regulate the use of land. It states specifically what land uses are currently permitted in the municipality and provides detailed information such as:

  • Where buildings or structures may be located;
  • Types of uses and dwellings permitted; and
  • Standards for lot sizes, parking requirements, building height, side yard dimensions and setback from the street.

All development proposals must comply with the Zoning By-Law.

Zoning By-Law Amendments

Occasionally, development proposals do not comply with either the permitted uses or the locational criteria of the Zoning By-law. Significant deviations from the Zoning By-Law will require a Zoning By-law amendment. The Zoning By-law amendment process can take three to six months from application to final approval. A basic application fee is required to cover normal costs incurred in processing a Zoning By-law amendment application. For further information on fees, process or application, please contact the municipal offices.

Zoning By-Law Documents

Zoning By-law
Zoning By-Law Amendment Application Form
Zoning By-law – Schedule A (Rural_Zoning)
Zoning By-law – Schedule A1 (Townsite Zoning North)
Zoning By-law – Schedule A2 (Townsite Zoning South)
Zoning By-law – Schedule A3 (Mission Zoning)
Zoning By-law – Schedule A4 (Superior Zoning)