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Community Improvement Plan.

The Municipality of Wawa adopted a Community Improvement Plan in accordance with Section 28 of the Planning Act. The purpose of the plan is to chart a path for future physical improvement and upgrading of public and private land and buildings in the downtown. The Plan is a statement adopted by Council that Downtown Wawa is important to the future of the community both socially and economically.

The Community Improvement Plan establishes a vision and goals for the future of Downtown Wawa founded upon the themes which reflect character and history of the community. The Plan also recommends that the Municipality undertake a number of physical upgrades to Broadway Avenue to improve the streetscape and act as a catalyst for re-investment by the private sector. The Plan recommends a number of incentives in the form of tax relief and grant programs in conjunction to guidance in urban design to assist in creating a more unique identity and sense of plan in Downtown Wawa.

View the Community Improvement Plan here.