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Emergency Management. BE PREPARED – NOT SCARED

Emergencies are defined as situations or impending situations caused by forces of nature, accident or an intentional act that constitutes a danger of major proportions to life and property. Emergencies affect public safety, meaning the health, welfare and property, as well as the environment and economic health of the Municipality of Wawa.

In our day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility. Yet natural disasters, such as floods, such as the massive flood in October 2012; technological or environmental accidents, such as chemical spills; or service disruptions, like the massive power blackout in August 2003, can strike any community, including ours, at any time.

In order to protect the residents, businesses and visitors, the Municipality of Wawa developed a coordinated approach to respond to emergencies through the implementation and adoption of the Municipality of Wawa’s Emergency Response Plan. The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter E.9, is the legal authority for the emergency response plan.

Like all other municipalities across the Province of Ontario, Wawa has been proactive in preparing and constantly reviewing and updating its Emergency Response Plan.

Everyone should be prepared to take care of themselves for a minimum of 72 hours. Learn how to make your survival kit here.